Le Chapelier


Who is Atibias'Rose?

One word "Bodisattava" - an enlightened being in this existence to help others, or in the many words of his close companions, I've been considered to me a Shaman of another lifetime. In other terms a medicine man. But the name was actually received from my Grandfather, which Many stores were told which concludes it means "Fear of Nothing"

What are your inspirations ?

To be completely honest I remember the first time I arrived in my brothers Art studio - AJT+, noticing his intimate setting of being able to create work & minimizing his actual purpose to speak. This immediately confirmed my prior thoughts to actually becoming a hat maker which I am able to bend the rules of what we consider in the realm of creativity. With quoting Each imperfection becomes our greatest asset.

What of these imperfections?

I've sat down in my room for 3 months once I've had everything to actually start making hats. My hardest question that needed to be answered before I could actually pursue my Craft was what makes me so different from other Milliners, with utilizing shininess as a person & using this same reflection within my Work.

What's special about your pieces?

The fact that each one has its own individual character and mood of how I felt currently that moment. With the rule of never making a Duplicate Also mentioning the fact every piece is hand made, lined with SheepSkin Leather sweatbands, accepting the fact that I've spent over $4000 in industrial tools and machines I've never even touched. So whether it's Beaver felt, Rabbit or wool, once thread can penetrate it I'll create Art.

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New York, NY